Learn computer skills from home

We’re running computer skills sessions in partnership with greentreeonline every Thursday morning, thanks to funding from the Good Things Foundation.

You’re very welcome to come along to our sessions, but there’s also free online software you can access to learn computer skills on your own computer at home. It’s called Learn My Way.

How to access Learn My Way

First visit learnmyway.com and click ‘Register’ in the top right hand corner.

Next, fill in your details. You’ll need to choose your own password – make sure it’s something you can remember!

Where it says ‘Centre’ start typing the word “Thirsk” and you’ll see the library appear underneath. Click on the name of the library to select it.

The centre name will now appear in bold (black type).

Next, click ‘Register’ to access the online courses. Your screen will look like this:

The next screen you’ll see asks you some questions about yourself. You don’t have to answer these, but if you do, it gives the Learn My Way team useful information about the kinds of people that are using the courses. Just click anywhere along the ‘Please Select’ bar or the arrow at the end to choose your answer.

That’s it – you’re registered!

Starting one of the courses

You can start straight from the beginning for basic courses including how to use a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen. Or, you can click ‘See all our subjects’ for a list of all the choices.

If you’ve already used computers or tablets a little, you may already be familiar with these skills. A good place to start might be “Online Basics” where you learn about what the internet is; what is a ‘browser’; and what types of things you can do online.

Click on one of the courses, and follow the instructions!

Look for the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom of the screen when you’re ready to move on from one section of the course to another.

That’s it!

Enjoy getting online and seeing what’s possible on the internet.

Bring along your questions to one of our staffed sessions:

  • Every Thursday at Thirsk Community Library