Accessing Ancestry and Find My Past from home

Continue researching your family history from home even when Thirsk Community Library is closed, using online genealogy resources.

Here’s how to do it! We’ve prepared this video guide for you. Just press the grey “Play” button (the triangle in the bottom left hand corner) to watch the video. Make sure your sound is turned up to hear the instructions.

Here are the important links you’ll need:

Click here to read a text version of the instructions

You need to visit on your computer or tablet.

You then click “My Account” in the top right hand corner and log in with your library card number (the full number including the Ds at the beginning and the four 0s at the end, with no spaces) and four digit PIN number.

If you don’t know your PIN number, click here.

You see your normal account screen with the books you’ve got out on loan.

Ancestry is simpler, you just click where it says click here.That opens the library edition, you can see library edition in the top left hand corner, which means you’re logged in.

Here you can access all the resources without limits, but you can’t get to your own family tree as it’s a shared account. If you want to make your own family tree, you’ll need to register and pay for an account separately.

Find my Past has slightly different resources so it’s good to have them both. If you regularly work on your family history, you’ll know which is most useful to you.

The link logs you into a shared library account, so again don’t create your own family tree as everyone else who logs in through North Yorkshire library service will be able to see it.

Befor you click, you need to remember the log in details that are given below the ‘click here’ text. If you select the email address given, and then right click, and click ‘copy’, you can paste this into the box on the next screen.

Click and enter the email address and password that are given. If you tick ‘remember my details’ your computer will remember the log in information so you don’t have to type them in next time.

Don’t click start your tree or look at the account settings, but you can access all the information.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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